Our story

Back in summer of 2004, a group of friends had the idea to bring the music they love to the place they know. The concept is adopted by all the people of Ireon and so the first 3days IREON ROCK FESTIVAL take place.

Since the beginning of the festival, local rock bands, dj's and artists from the domestic music scene have performed on the IMF’s stage:
Blues Bug (2005)
Filippos Pliatsikas (2005,2016)
Domenica (2006)
Locomondo (2006,2007,2009,2015,2019)
MPLE (2006)
Mikro (2007,2008,2012)
Marsheaux (2008)
Dimitris Korgialas & Evridiki (2008,2011)
Nigma (2009)
Imiskoubria (2009)
Cyanna (2009)
Babis Stokas (2010)
Pavlos Pavlidis (2010)
Myronas Stratis (2011)
Professonal Sinnerz & Komis X (2011)
Maraveyas Illegal (2012,2018)
Yiannis Aggelakas & 100°C (2012,2017)
Kako Synapantima (2012,2013,2018)
Active Member (2013)
Vasilis Papakonstantinou (2013,2018)
Leonidas Balafas (2013)
Imam Baildi (2014,2016)
Koza Mostra (2014,2017)
Sokratis Malamas (2014)
Nikos Portokaloglou (2015)
Ypogeia Revmata (2015)
Burger Project (2015)
Soul Fire (2016)
Panos Katsimixas (2016)
Kitrina Podilata (2016)
Konstantinos Vita (2017)
Villagers of Ioannina City (2017)
Jimmys Panousis (2017)
Cayetano (2018)
Planet of Zeus (2019)
Social Waste (2019)
Rena Morfi (2019)
Giannis Haroulis (2019)
Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution (2022)
Eisvoleas Full Band (2022)
Thanasis Papakonstantinou (2022)
Magic De Spell (2022)
1000MODS (2022)
Fundracar (2023)
Oceandvst (2023)
Pyx Lax (2023)
Pavlos Pavlidis & Hotel Alaska (2023)
Xatzifrageta (2023)

But the Festival has evolved. Every year since 2007 it pushes forward to host international artists with global recognition, such as:
Aswad (2007)
Vegastar (2008)
The Stranglers (2009)
Stereo MC'S (2010)
Manga (2011)
JayaThe Cat (2011)
Covenant (2012)
Dub Pistols (2014)
Peter Hook & The Light (2015)
Inner Circle (2018).

Name change
Ιn 2008, the Ireon Rock Festival merges with the Cultural Association of Ireon and is renamed to Ireon Music Festival including more music genres like ska, pop, electro, new wave, post-punk, alternative etc.

Success of the festival comes from shared love of good music, love, volunteerism and the solid identity of the Festival, just as some friends envisioned 20 years ago.

The event is co-organised by the Cultural Association of Ireon and the North Aegean Region Administration


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The cultural Association of Ireon, Samos | Co-organised by the North Aegean Region Administration
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