Line-up Ireon Music Festival 2019


Locomondo at the ireon music festival 2019 Samos, Greece

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LIVE in Ireon August 2019

 Giannis Haroulis

Giannis Haroulis at the ireon music festival 2019 Samos, Greece

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LIVE in Ireon August 2019

 Planet of Zeus

Planet of Zeus at the ireon music festival 2019 Samos, Greece

Planet of Zeus are a heavy rock band from Athens, Greece. They have been around since 2000, playing extensively throughout their home country, just about anywhere they could, ranging from house parties to stadiums. Their raw, sincere and constantly evolving live performances have secured them a loyal and hardcore underground following, which exceeds Greece's geographical borders.

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LIVE in Ireon August 2019

 Social Waste

Social Waste at the ireon music festival 2019 Samos

In 1999, a group of youngsters appeared at a dance festival in their district school in Heraklion and began to sing rap and take by surprise the audience with their rhythm, sound and socio-political verse. Seventeen-years-olds, at the time, still students, immediately drew the attention of Active Member, who suggested that they collaborate with their production team, Freestyle Productions. B.D Foxmoor (known as Michalis Mytakidis) then said, «I have good words to say about the new bands... Coming from Crete, Social Waste, 17, who would be paid good money abroad». Today, in their thirties, they continue to do what they did as youngsters, trying as they say to take it even further for the next generation.
In these 20 years the band never stopped to rap. In their live performances they combine the distinct sociopolitical verse and the dynamism of hip hop with the traditional sounds and instruments of the Mediterranean. Sharp rimes and dynamic performance, under the sounds of lute, bagpipe, baglama and other instruments of the Mediterranean, while the dj scratch incessantly. Their lyrics are full of references to the poets and writers of the world, as well as the socio-political situation in Greece, the Mediterranean, and the whole world. Manolis Anagnostakis co-exists with Jean-Claude Izzo and Chronis Missios with Zapatista's Subcomandante Marcos in an explosive mix. They appeared in many music scenes, festivals, and self-organized venues all over Greece and abroad (Germany, Norway, Mexico). They also have intense activism and often give lectures in self-organized places as well as universities about the sociopolitical dimension of hip hop.
In November 2013, the album "On the Feast of Utopia" was released. In December 2015 they released the album "With a Pirate Galley" and in February 2017 together with Antipina they released the album "The hip hop of the Mediterranean"

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LIVE in Ireon August 2019

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